Here at The Nottingham Spiritualist Church Hall Street, we are looking for people with healing potential with a view to assisting their development to Spiritualist National Union Approved Healer status.

Spiritualist Healer's are often approached by people who have been told that they have healing potential.

The first thing to realise is that some people have a natural inbuilt ability to heal. If you cut your finger the blood usually coagulates to stop the flow and a natural healing process commences. If the wound is large medical help is sought and the wound is stitched together to assist the natural healing processes. A Spiritual Healer does not heal a person themselves. A Spiritual Healer is a channel for the healing energies to flow through. These energies stem from the source of all creative life, a power that can awaken the natural self-healing abilities within a person, a power that can bring about a state of natural relaxation which often leads to peace of mind and a greater understanding.

A Spiritualist Healer works in accordance within the teachings and philosophy of Spiritualism, allowing healing energy to flow through them. A number of qualities are required for the healing work such as compassion, dedication, integrity, time, patience, understanding and responsibility to name a few.

The question is:
Whether you have healing potential which can be developed.

How does one start?
Email us or come along to the church and let your aspiration be known to the Healing Leader who will explain the necessary criteria in respect of becoming a Church Member, the Training Period, Educational Course, Review Days and final Upgrading Assessment. With your aspirations known to us, the Healing Leader will approach the Church Committee with your request to become a trainee spiritual healer. If successful you will be given the relevant Application forms so that you can become a registered Trainee Healer with the Spiritualist National Union.

Do not expect to become a Healer overnight. It takes many years of development to learn how to use the attunement process, as well as learning how to work in harmony with others. Healing works in accordance with natural law and this can never be rushed but must be allowed to work in it's own way.

The Healing Gift is progressive and one never stops learning. You will come up against certain facts that may cause you to change your mind about various matters you once took for granted. This is all part of your own Spiritual evolution and understanding. This change of mind and outlook is a necessity in order for you to progress along the path you have chosen.

What is required?
*Must become a Church Member.
*Complete a twelve week spiritual awareness course.
*Satisfactory completion of the SNU Educational Course H1, Basic Healing (Grade B minimum)
*Complete 100 weekly practical training sessions completed in a continuous period of not less than two years.
*Must attend four District Reviews within the two years.
*Must have a successful practical and theoretical Upgrading Assessment by the District Healing Sub-Committee.

The above criteria must be completed within 2 years from the trainee's initial registration with the SNU Healing Committee.

If you think you have Healing Potential and have time, patience and understanding, we'd like to hear from you.

Healing Leader
Nottingham Spiritualist Church