An Open circle allows everyone and anyone (church members and visitors) an opportunity to sit in the circle to use and develop his or her own mediumistic skills whilst in the circle. Everyone sits on chairs that have been placed in a circle. Beginners and trained mediums alike can practice their gifts and give messages to others, or can simply choose to just sit quietly in the energies surrounding the circle and receive messages from the spirit world via our resident mediums. An open circle can take new members at any time. You may find that various members will not attend every session and so the make up and feel of the circle can vary from week to week.

A Closed circle is not open on a regular basis to new members. Normally, the same people sit at the same time every week. The energies in a closed circle can become very strong and a closed circle is usually for advanced sitters.

We hold an open circle each Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. Anyone and everyone are welcome to sit in the circle, young people thirteen years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult. All our circles are presided over by two of our very experienced resident mediums. Be assured, nothing worrying or frightening will happen in our circles so feel free to come along with family and friends.

Spiritual Awareness .....(see 'Awareness' in the menu bar above)

We also run awareness classes. Our awareness and meditation classes are the foundation upon which knowledge, sensativity and dedication can be built. The classes not only open the students mind to an awareness of their own psychic ability, but also teach an awareness of self, an awareness of life and an awareness of purpose and direction. Our students find it enriches their lives and they develop an understanding of why things happen in life, good or bad.